The Milky Way in the constellation of the Swan
An overview photo of the Milky Way in the swan.
The dark clouds which wrap the centre are to be recognised very well.
Taken in Schleswig-holstein in September, 2006.
Canon EOS10D. Sigma EX 17-35mm F2.8-4 DG with 17 mm F2.8
Astro5 with GoTo4all,
18 min. exposes (2x9) , 400 ISO. Software DSLRFocus and IRIS.
NGC7000: The Northamericanebula
IC5070: The Pelikannebula
M39:  open Starcluster
NGC6940: open Starcluster
M27: Planetariy nebula
M71: Globular cluster
CR399: open Starcluster
                   The Milkyway in Cassiopeia
A shot from September 2006 in Schleswig-Holstein.
Unfortunately, a lot of scattered light by industrial zone.
Canon EOS10D w. Sigma EX 17-35mm F2.8-4 DG at 17mm F2.8
Exposure 30 Min. (3x10) 800 ISO. Astro5 w. Goto4all,
Software DSLRFocus and IRIS.
M31: Andromeda Galaxy
M33: Galaxy
M34: open Starcluster
NGC869/884: open Starcluster (h and chi)
NGC281: Starcluster
NGC7789: open Starcluster
NGC752: open Starcluster
IC1805: Nebulacluster
CR33: open Starcluster
CR463: open Starcluster
                 The southern Milkyway as Movie
Emsland, August 2007.
Movie from 43 frames, file size 2.5 mb or 3 mb.
On the right below you see the Jupiter setting
Canon EOS10Da w. Sigma EX 17-35mm F2.8-4 DG at 17mm F2.8.
Exposure 30 Sek. w. 1600 ISO without guiding.
                 The Milkyway in the Swan
Shoted August 2007 in the Emsland.
1 eposure 30 Sek. , without guiding.   
Canon EOS10Da w. Sigma EX 17-35mm F2.8-4 DG at 17mm F2.8.
1600 ISO.

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