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Taken in the Emsland March, 2006. My first "more seriously"
Lunar attempt.
Optics Meade refractor 5", 127/1180, focal with Canon EOS10D,
Baader Skyglowfilter and Fringekiller, Astro5,
Exposure time 1/500 seconds
Emsland March, 2006.
Very good view terms.
Optics Meade 5" 127/1180, focal with 2x Barlow,
Canon EOS 10D, Baader Skyglowfilter and Fringekiller.
Exposes 1/350 seconds, Astro5
The moon over Hamburg in January, 2007
Firstlight for William Apo ZS110, f/7
Canon EOS10D, exposes 1/500 sec. with 400 ISO
Software DSLRFocus, PicturePublisher
Unfortunately, again only few minutes of time to
the next thick cloud layer :-((
little lunar customer
A shot from the 25.03.07 in Hamburg.
This interesting crater has a Diameter of 111 km.
Shot with 3850 mm of focal length with bad conditions. (very bad seeing)
Wiliam Apo ZS110 with 5x Barlow, Meade LPI
The best 5% from 7000 frames
Software Registax and PicturePublisher
Hamburg on the moon?
Oh, not really.
This example has only to demonstrate you the relative
comparatively size.
This map cutting of the metropolitan area Hamburg
has a diameter of 30 kilometres.
As you can see, the lunar craters are not really small !
Calippus and surroundings
Taken in March, 2007 in Hamburg.
In the middle of the picture the crater Calippus, situated in the mountains Montes Caucasus, with approx. 33 km of diameter.
In the upper picture part the crater Eudoxus with a diameter
from 67 km.
The lowlands in the lower picture part is the Mare Serenitatis.
Taken with 3850 mm of focal length with bad
Conditions. (very strong aerial restlessness)
Wiliam Apo ZS110 with 5x Barlow, Meade LPI Webcam.
The best 5% from 5000 frames
Software Registax and PicturePublisher.
Agrippa & Co
A bearing from March, 2007.
In the middle of the picture are to be seen the craters Agrippa as well as Godin, Diameter 46 and 35 km. To see above them is one of the full of secret
Lunar grooves.
Here Rima Ariadaeus, which branches out (on the right) in the
Rima Hyginus in the west. Rima Ariadaeus has a length of good 220 and a width of 7 km.
Wiliam Apo ZS110 with 5x Barlow, Meade LPI Webcam.
The best 5% from 1000 frames
Worked on with Registax and PicturePublisher.
Clavius and surroundings
Here the big crater Clavius with a diameter of 225 km and a depth of 3.5 km.
In January, 2009 in Hamburg taken up with the Meade
LX200 8" ACF and astrocamera QHY8.
Focal length with Baader Fluorit Flatfield Converter extends
on approx. 6 m.
Single bearing, selected from 30 pictures.

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Lunar mosaic from January, 2009
Taken up under cityconditions in Hamburg.
12 frames were combined to a mosaic.
These pictures became hand-selected from 370 pieces.
         Optik:  Meade LX200 8" w. Baader FFC (f. lenght approx. 6 m)
     Kamera:   QHY8
         Filter:   Baader IR/UV cut
Montierung:  EQ6
     Guiding:   none
 Belichtung:  370 x 0,008 Sek.,
    Software:  PicturePublisher, Fitswork, PhotoShop
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