The Jupiter in September, 2010
An admission of our biggest neighbour from Hamburg.
Camera Alccd5 with Baader RGB  filters.
William FLT110 with 5x Barlow, actual focal length 3850 mm.
Software Giotto, Registax and Photoshop
The Saturn over Hamburg in March, 2007
In March I still managed a nice Saturn between
the whole broken cloud cover.
This planet is between 1193 and 1658 million km away from us.
The diameter of the Saturn amounts to 120.536 km.
He has 18 moons and one Saturn year lasts approx. 30 earth years.
Wiliam Apo ZS110 with TeleVue Powermate 5x Barlow
(actual focal length 3850 mm) and Meade LPI Webcam, EQ6
The best 10% of 5000 pictures.
Image processing with Giotto, IRIS and
Mars in December 2007
Our earth-most similar neighbour, taken in Hamburg with Webcam Meade LPI and William Apo Refraktor ZS110 with a focal lenght of 3850 mm .
The best 10% from 3500 pictures processed with Giotto and PicturePublisher.
The iced up North Pole region of the planning is to be recognised rather well here.
Mars has a diameter of 6790 km and is circled by 2 moons, Phobos and Deimos.

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The comet 17P/Holmes
This photo of the comet was taken on 11/15/2007 in Hamburg.
The brightness of this vagabond has increased extremly during the last days, thus he is to be seen good also with the naked eye.
Here the comet passes just the constellation Perseus.
17P/Holmes walks round the sun in just 7 years and was discovered already in 1892 by Edwin Holmes.
Optics William ZS110 f/7, Canon 20D on EQ6.
16 x 60 sec., 800 ISO, No Guiding.
Comet C/2007 N3 Lulin  
This comet was visibly in from January to April, 2009
at the northern hemisphere.
Taken on 3/19/2009 in Hamburg.
His earth-next point achieved N3 Lulin in the 2/24/2009.
Optic William FLT110 f/5.6 with Reducer 0.8 ( 616 mm focal lenght).
Canon 20D on EQ6, 20 x 180 sec., 800 ISO.
The comet C/2006W3 Christensen
In August, 2009 I managed this photo of the comet
from the city of Hamburg.
C/2006W3 crosses the Summermilkyway in
In the south direction.
Here the comet just stands in the south of the constellation Swan.
William FLT110 f/7, QSI583ws on CGE, chip-20 °
L 10x 180 sec.
RGB 10x 60 sec. 2x2 Binning
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Comet C/2009 P1 Garradd
Also directly from the city of Hamburg I shot this photo in March 2012.
This month C/2009 P1 has reached his earth-nearest point and crosses the constellation of the "big bear".
Now the brightness of this comet reaches nearly 6 mag.
GSO RC 8" f/8, QSI583ws on Avalon Linear, chip-25 °
RGB each 10x 120 sec. 2x2 Binning
Jupiter in March 2013
The gigant planet over Hamburg on the 5. of March 2013.
On the right side the moon Io, below Jupiter marginal
the moon Europa.
GSO RC 8" f/24, f = 4872mm, Camera ASI120MM,
Baader RGB-Filter, RGB each 30 Sek. at 67 F./Sec.,
Image processing with Giotto and Photoshop.
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